Merry Christmas

I hope that this video touches your heart with the Christmas Spirit as much as it did mine!  May you have a very Joyful Christmas and share God's love with those in your family, close friends, and those who are privileged to have a portion of God's Spirit in their Heart!

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Maine 2010

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Carolyn and I spent eight wonderful days in Maine and Massachusetts with our good friends Ellie and Ruth Price. After arriving at Boston Logan we took the RT 1 scenic coastal route up to Bar Harbor for a three day stay in the Ivy Manor Inn.  We toured Acadia Park on Oli's Trolley in the misty rain, stopping at Thunder Hole, but were lucky to have it clear in the evening to get pictures from the peak of Cadillac Mountain. The following morning Carolyn and I took a 1 hour Waco Biplane ride in "Miss Charlotte", enjoying a most beautiful morning sight seeing flight of the area and all of the light houses. After landing we drove over to the opposite side of Mount Desert Island and found a remote private fishery at Goose Cove and received a personal tour of a lobster wharf and two work boats. That evening we had dinner at Poor Boys Gourmet restaurant and the fried clams and lobster bisque was excellent. The next day on our way to Booth Bay Harbor we stopped at the Penobscot River Observatory and Fort Knox at Buckport for a view 400 feet above the river then took a guided tour of the fort.  We had lunch at Belfast harbor.  We drove through Damariscotta and arrived at Brown's Wharf for two nights in Booth Bay Harbor. The next day we took a 2.5 hour, 44 mile open sea and close-to-shore cruise up the Kennebec River on the "Island Lady" to Bath Iron Works and then back through the river passages.  That evening Ellie and Ruth had their first lobster and steamers dinner on the Boothbay Lobster Wharf.  On Sunday we had a nice Sunday Morning Meeting together then we were off to Pemaquid Point to tour the museum and up into the light for my very first time.  Walking on the rocks brought back fond memories and lunch at the Sea Gull Shop was a real treat.   We missed seeing Dewey and Bea Chase at their office.  The highlight of the trip for me was to see Deidra Welch Turmelle at their Long Cove Point cottage and find out that her mother Dorrie is doing well.  Remembering our first stay at the cottage in 1962 brought many found memories of family and friends. We then went to New Harbor and spent some time at Back Cove (above picture) before leaving for Rockport, Massachusetts, for two nights at the Peg Leg Inn overlooking the ocean of the beautiful Cape Ann area.

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Forgotten Verse of 'Star-Spangled Banne

If you can listen to this without shedding a tear, your patriotic blood supply is running low. Do something about it!


Donald V. Porter - The Lord's Prayer

1948 with Bob Hope on the "Paleface" movie set - later sang a love story to Jane Russell at her movie set trailer.  Bob Hope is on my Dad's immediate left.

Singing Barbershop with Jerry Colonna

This is dedicated to my Dad, Donald Vincent Porter. When he sang this piece of music all hearts were touched and eyes teared. He was studying to be an opera star so my brother Doug and I grew up with opera music. His great joy was singing with the Fore Men of Dayton (Ohio) Barbershop Quartet. Thanks Dad for sharing your great love of music and your terrific voice.


Sesame Street Live

Gram-Gram and Pa-Pa took Sarah to see the Sesame Street Live Production Elmo's Green Thumb. We were able to sit in the front row and guess who sat beside Sarah! The Cookie Monster hugged Sarah but almost too fast for Paw-Paw's camera - missed his head.

Lots of PICTURES on the Album

To know the real value of Freedom, one must know the truth of the following statement "Some gave all while all gave some." Christ gave his all to give you freedom and salvation. Likewise some men and women had to give all of themselves so that you and I can have the freedom we enjoy today. Reflect and be grateful.  If you want people to get the chills, and instill a sense of pride in our country and military, this movie would be my choice and probably that of many patriotic veterans. This gripping short film is great to honor vets, remember the fallen and teach kids the price of their freedom.  It is called "I Fought for You"


Riley Jean Porter Arrived

Riley Jean Porter arrived September 30, 2009, at 8:28PM weighing 7lbs and 5 Ounces!


Sarah's 2nd Birthday


Sarah just had her 2nd Birthday! Paw Paw was slow to post the beautiful pictures that Jennifer took so when I got around to the task Aunt Shirley was waiting for them to appear as she was talking to Gram Gram on the phone. Shortly after I hit the Upload Button I received the following email from Sarah's Mama:

"I have kept a check on your web albums hoping the pictures would go up soon, so I checked tonight and there they were! Sarah and I enjoyed them so much... and the cool thing was as we were looking at the pictures she was telling me what was happening. Then without me saying a word she said "mama my birthday" - it was so neat! I then refreshed the page to look at them again and more were up! It was so cool - you were putting them on as we were looking at them! One of my favorites was when her mouth/cheeks were all puffed up to blow out her candles!! The moment was caught so perfectly!!"

Paw Paw was so glad that Jennifer was the party Photographer. Her talent never ceases to amaze me!

Charlie's Birthday

Charlie met a milestone in his life today - he became the same age that Carolyn was when she birthed him!  My day was made by floating in the pool and watching Charlie throw Sarah into the air and catch her just as she was about to hit the water.  Each time he caught her she said "Agin" so he wore himself out doing this and playing basketball in the deep end with his Captain Carter.

Sarah's First Sentence

Grandma Porter was the first to recognize that this video taken by Charlie on his phone recorded Sarah's first complete sentence - "You Can't Have It!"  Archie is Sarah's dog needless to say.


Jenn and Chris Wedding - October 4, 2008

Chris and Jennifer are Married!

Daufuskie Island, the Secret Sister of Hilton Head Island, is one of the most exciting, enchanting, and exotic destinations for a wedding which can only be reached by ferry and just 1 nautical mile from Hilton Head Island, is a sub-tropical island with miles of wide, secluded sandy beaches and beautiful forests. This enchanting island paradise offers a magical retreat into an exotic world of natural splendor and serenity. With only a few hundred year round residents, and nary a car to be found, the golf cart becomes the basic form of transportation around the resort and for exploring the island. In this quiet peaceful environment, devoid of the hustle and bustle of the real world, was a perfect way for Jenn and Chris to start a new relationship in celebration of their marriage.

Sea Oak Manor, the main resort lodge on Daufuskie Island, was an incredible venue for their dream wedding, a magnificent estate situated on acres of oceanfront property with a picturesque famous wedding Gazebo for their seashore wedding dream. The excitement started early in the morning of October 4, 2008, with Jenn and Chuck waiting behind the wall of windows in the Manor looking out at our families waiting in front of the Gazebo at the edge of the ocean. Chris and Navy Chaplain Ben Sandford were looking towards us, both knowing that they would soon become brothers. The seashore wedding dream was to begin just as Sunrise broke over the water with the blue sky overhead and the sound of the waves lazily rolling on shore of the beautiful beach.

Carolyn and I, along with Chuck, Kim, and little Sarah, were surprised to be invited to stay an extra day to chill out with the Bride and Groom in their beautiful ocean front cottage. We arose early the next morning to again experience the beautiful sunrise with a long walk on the beach. Chris and Jenn got to stay the rest of the week for their honeymoon.

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Jenn and Chris Family Wedding Reception

Carolyn, Charlie, Kim, little Sarah, and I hosted a small Family Wedding Reception at our home for Jenn and Chris on Saturday, December 6, 2008.

Jennifer came early to help prepare the food. Danny and Barbara, Shirley and Gene, and Beaner also came in the late morning to help put it all together. Sarah Sain, Connie Surratt, Donna Askew, and Connie Stone were here to share in our celebration along with my good friend Ellie Price. Connie took pictures for us. Our little Sarah was so precious as usual and entertained us all.

I was thrilled that my brother Doug and Arlette were able to come. Chris's sister Tina and her husband Aaron introduced us to Aaron's parents, Jim and Edith Hunt. It is so wonderful to have them as part of our family!


The purpose of the meetings is to awaken a deeper interest in the Bible, in the truth that Jesus Christ lived and taught, to bring the faith of Jesus to those who do not have it, and to strengthen the faith of those who do. No appeals are made for money; no books are for sale. We are not here to condemn, but to help. These services are reverent, scriptural and brief. We are in fellowship with Christians all over the world whose worship is the same as those we read of in the New Testament. We take no name other than the name of Jesus.


Download BIBLE SERVICES for Date, Locations, and Directions

Lois Culver 704-437-1375
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Carolyn's Birthday

This is a later addition to my post that I could not resist. A week after Carolyn's birthday as she was checking out in her favorite grocery store the clerk asked her, "Would you like to take your Senior Citizen discount?' After 28 years of marraige I am finally not that much older than my wonderful wife! I can actually say at 68 years of age that I have NOT been asked that question in a grocery store! Just for fun!

Carolyn's Birthday was another nice family day. This year the highlight was our little Sarah Colleen Porter! Grandma could not have been any happier! Of couse now she can get free checking and order from the Senior's menu. For some reason she is still 12 years younger than Grandpa. Jennifer - thank you for the wonderful lunch.

More pictures on our Web Albums
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Sarah's Laser Surgery in New York

Sarah's first Laser Surgery in New York was very successful! Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma got to go too! During the surgery they used a laparascope to check her airway and found no sign of the Hemangiomas which was really good news. The next day Dr. Waner gave us a good report - the next laser surgery is scheduled for 2/13/08.

We thank our family and friends so very much for their prayers and support!

Charlie has set up a Special Blog Site that covers their battle with Hemangiomas in detail so others may follow their progress and understand what they have gone through since little Sarah's birth. It is an interesting story that underlines the importance of early and correct diagnosis of Hemangiomas. Their blog is dedicated to couples searching for help for their child with Hemangiomas!

Pictures of our New York trip are on our Web Albums.

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Sarah Colleen Porter has arrived!

Charlie and little Sarah minutes after birth. Grandma and Grandpa get their first visit!

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Sarah Colleen Porter - almost 2 Days Old

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Charlie and Kim announced that Sarah Colleen is expected to arrive September 15, 2007!


Our Daughter Jennifer is Engaged!

Chris, our Daughter Jennifer, Charlie's wife Kim, and our Son Charlie.

Christian and our Daughter Jennifer are Engaged!!

I am so lucky - I have THREE Wonderful Daughters.


Christmas 2006

My Daughter Paige and her family - the most wonderful Christmas present that I have ever received. We are so proud of Ben as he is a Marine serving our country now in Iraq.

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My Daughter Paige, Mother of FOUR Grandchildren

One of my favorite pictures of my daughter Paige


My Grandson Micah with his arm in a cast just after the postman brought him a large envelope with a get well card from EACH OF HIS CLASSMATES!

This is Chuck (Grandpa Porter) with Drew.
Siri was my youngest Grandaughter until Sarah arrived on 8-31-2007.


One of my favorite pictures of Carolyn, my wonderful wife for 27 years.


My Grandson Parker next to Paige's fantastic bronzed schulpture of him.

Paige's recent bronzed schulpture.


Our Piper Archer II

I got back into flying after 18 years without
wings. Charlie called me when I was at
Air Adventure OshKosh 2007 to tell me
that he had decided to start training for
his Private Pilot Certificate - it brought
tears to my eyes! His instructor told
me later that he is a natural pilot.
So I have a family flying buddie! More pictures of our airplane 0n our web albums.
Interested in Aviation? Check out these links:
EAA Main site:
Charlotte Chapter:
Charlotte Chapter's Web Albums that I manage
Charlotte Chapter's WebLog Site that I manage
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